Tuesday 23 May 2017

Seven Tips to Help you Choose the Right CBSE Question Bank for Class 10 and 12

Now-a-days, market is flooded with many cbse question bank for class 10 and 12th, which ultimately creating a confusion for the examines, to choose the best one is exam guru question bank it's a kind of summary of the contents presented in the form of Question-Answer format.
You have heard that many students are using sample question paper for class 10 and 12th they complained after exams that they mistook the questions for some other or they can’t recognized the twisted language of the particular question asked in the exams, what is that?

So, it is one of the common problem of the students that must be rectified by Full Marks Exam Guru All In One CBSE Question Bank. It is the main advantage of a examguru question bank that presents the question in different forms or in different twist of language, so that you can understood the asked questions at once. It means a cbse question bank enables you to read between the lines.

A Fullmarks examguru all In One CBSE Question Bank develop an outlook in your vision, so when you read question two or more times, you will able to find the key words given in the question, which remains hidden to other, which finally make a positive difference in your performance as compared to others. Here are the tips which you should keep in your mind while purchasing the best cbse question Bank:

  • It should covered complete latest syllabus and have atleast 10 questions each of very short, short and long answers. So that you can do ample practice of the questions in a written form.
  • All types of questions i.e., VSA, SA, LA, HOTS, are given in proper way, so that examines become quite aware to the format of the examination point of view.
A CBSE 10 Years Solved Question Papers  for class 12th should have one or two perforated sheets also. Perforated sheets give us a feel of examination room atmosphere, where we have the same kind of exam sheet, so we get used to the exam environment well in advance, which reduce exam phobia to some extent.